Present the menu on your restaurant mobile app

Android & IOS Mobile Application that helps Restaurants to present their Menus online and enables their customers to choose & even customize their dishes, and then to immediately order or schedule an order in a very user-friendly and inspiring way.
viaMenus Mob App holds your restaurant's identity design, theme & logo. Moreover, viaMenus Mob App is flexible so it can adapt any different features of your restaurant's method of hospitality & service delivery; such as tables reservation, delivery areas, loyal customers rewarding etc. In addition, viaMenus Mob App makes food ordering a fancy moment, customers can discover new meals & order in two steps only. Don't make your customers wait on the phone to submit their orders; you're not going to miss any order. This Mob App is going to help your customers on getting their direction to any of your branches you add.

We enhanced our viaMenus to meet restaurants' needs; one of those new needs is waiters viaMenus version. This version of viaMenus enables your waiters from taking your indoor customers' orders in an organized, fast and easy way. This copy of viaMenus ease indoor customers' serving process. No need for paperwork to inform the restaurant's cashier with each table-order by a written paper-order; once a waiter submit a table order after adding the wanted dishes, a related invoice would be created for that table and followed by that cashier

viaMenus has no limit finding solutions for Orders Submitting Methods & Integration with POS Operation. viaMenus in its Two Copies Submit Orders in Synchronization with viaMenusPOS. viaMenusPOS enables cashier from submitting takeaway, delivery & indoor customers orders.

Application Feature:

  • Online menu and dishes information 
  • Online ordering system.
  • Online dishes customization for your orders.
  • Online delivery follow up.
  • Online order confirmation option.
  • Online chatting option with your customers.
  • Support multi-languages.
  • The ability to interact directly with a POS and Restaurant Management accounting system 
  • Management statistics reports.
  • Online book table.
  • Loyalty.