CMS To Serve The Logistics Companies In Monitoring & Controlling The Goods

Via-Logistics is a specialize Cloud Logistics Warehouse Management application to serve the logistics companies in monitoring and controlling the goods import and export transactions. it is a advance inventory and Invoicing system that handle all items information along with universal Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding System "HS Code" and it can also generate all the customs text files that can be uploaded directly to customs portals. 
1.    The system already loaded with all the HS Code "Code and Description" in order to be used with .
2.     Product definition related to HS Code uniquely.
3.    The system can handle multiple currencies. 
4.    Support multiple languages.
5.    Multiple users and group authentication settings. 
6.    Modular system consist of Users Module, Customers Module, Suppliers Module, Sales and Export Module and Reports Module.
7.    Sales Delivery Note and HS Code report can be generated for each Sales "Export" transactio