Present the menu on your restaurant mobile app

viaMenus is a specialize Cloud Restaurant system which help organizations to collect, store, manage and interpret data from many business activities, including product categories, products, all customization, and other related products information as well as multi-branch management from a single management user interface to control all daily activities in the restaurant business sections and departments. To help in monitoring, planning, costing, manufacturing, delivery and marketing, and sales it can track business resource cash. 

The applications that make up the system share data across the various business departments that provide the data. it also facilitates information flow between all business functions and manages connections to outside stakeholders.

Products and Products Categories

viaMenus will allow the user to control the restaurant menu from one single location to reflect on all business customer interface like the mobile Applications on android and Apple IOS as well as the online e-Commerce. The product images, descriptions, ingredients and customization with its financial reflection in multi-language according to the customer default language.


With viaMenus point of sale, your sales clerks can make transactions on-the-fly from anywhere in your store. We support mobile devices including tablets (iOS, Android, Windows) and more.


Add cheese? No tomatoes? We’ve got your custom orders covered! With viaMenus POS you can add custom modifiers on the fly or make use of common mods already programmed into the POS to give your customers exactly what they’re looking for!


viaMenus can handle different type of orders either Dine-In, Delivery, Takeaway or Walk-In orders, by having a different tabs for each type where the orders in Dine-In Tab are sorted by the table number and shows the table number and the total value of the invoice, in the Delivery Tab sorted by the area and shows the area of the order and the invoice number to eases and enhance the delivery process, and in the Takeaway tab the orders are sorted by the Name of the customer as well as the order number.

Kitchen Display System and Printers

viaMenus have dual Kitchen Notification Systems either the Section Printers that are connected with specific Category in the Products and Categories Information Setup, as well as a central Printer to list all the Dishes and Products in the order, and the other notification system is a screen in each section in the kitchen connected directly with the Supervisor Screen that has a color-coding for the dishes and its status In the kitchen, in order to ease the quality assurance monitoring process.


Arm your staff with detailed information and images for each of your menu items, right in your POS! Store cocktail recipes and allergy information in your menu to assist with staff training and help customers make ordering decisions by showcasing actual photos of your food and drinks.


Put your business’s mark on your customer’s receipt. Add your logo, website, and restaurant information to extend the reach of your brand. Place a personal message at the bottom of your receipt to advertise future events or promotions.

Multi Food delivery Company Management

viaMenus can handle multiple deliveries and ordering companies and can manage different types of payments for these companies with full reporting on these transactions in order to log all the transactions.


Get access to detailed and actionable reports about the performance of your business via the cloud. From labor to sales reports, ViaMenus keeps you informed regardless of where you are. Use our reports and start making more informed decisions about your business today, with vary types of reports from Daily Report to Product Mix, Hourly Sales Report, Product Sales Report, Customer Credit Report, and TAX Report along with more reports that can help in managing the business.  

Access real-time reports that provide you with the data you need, so you’re always aware of what’s happening in your establishment. Track which items are selling out, which are being overlooked and adjust your menu accordingly, based on customer preference and sales.



ViaMenus E-Commerce seamlessly integrates into ViaMenus Retail POS and Back Office system. We design your website and fully integrate it within the point of sale system in real time. There is no need for double or manual-entry of orders, and inventory is shared with your brick-and-mortar store locations. Retailers can post product descriptions and pictures on the appropriate webpages with automatic insertion.

ERP Integration

ViaMenus comprehensive financial management features enable retailers to streamline their entire operations. With powerful accounting and HR tools, your company can make better and faster decisions with real-time visibility across all retail channels.

Take control of your finances in real-time, ViaMenus with viaERP is built into its retail platform, providing real-time visibility of your financials, sales and inventory data. Communicating directly with your POS and inventory control systems, you can easily forecast inventory, complete financial statements, manage employee payroll and commissions, pay and invoice vendors, and prepare audit reports. Forecast inventory levels. Accurately predict inventory needs based on product turnover, promotions, seasonal factors, warehouse space and more.

Access your financial data. Utilize live data to monitor cash flow, credit limits/interest, manage receipts, bank information, taxes, general ledger, balance statements, A/P & A/R, and prepare audit reports. Integrate with your vendors. Manage, approve and even automate vendor payments and invoices based on purchase orders and automatic reordering of inventory.

Common Features


All transactions completed at the Point of Sale screen are reflected immediately throughout all your stores in real-time. That includes your sales data, customer information and more.

Platform Independent

All Transactions can be implemented on any tablet and smartphone, across a wide range of platforms including Linux, UNIX, Windows® and Macintosh, allowing transactions on any machine.

High Volume Transactions

The system can handle heavy transaction volume and enormous amounts of data with ease.  Utilizing a wide variety of communication and hardware options, multi-store or multi-location retailers can process high-volume transactions in real-time.


Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, product, and reports are always available, safe, and up to date.


The retail industry is constantly evolving. To help our clients better navigate this evolution we have developed a training program to inform, teach the latest trends and share best practices of our retail technology by creating a user/role training book that can be integrated with the organization employee book to give the organization the independency from any role or user.