Unique Tool To Maintain Online Auction Business Across All Platforms

via-Auction is a perfect combination of cutting-edge technology, modern design, and high performance. It has been providing our customers with a unique tool to maintain their online auction business. via-Auction is also search engine friendly and can handle huge traffic at any given time. Comes with mobile-friendly, smartphone compatible for Android and IOS application. The system is easy to operate and administrate, yet innovative and complete. A large number of exclusive features and functionalities make it stand out in the market and help to compete with the industry leaders.

  1. The system completely controlled by the admin of the site from the back-end design which is a dedicated Admin backend and control panel page with a smooth and user-friendly interface to controls everything related with the auction site - the content of the site, bid auction item information, users, reports Category and subcategory and field values.
  2. Full automation of all the process of the auction in pre-auctioning and post auctioning with ties to the financial module to handle all the invoicing, payments, releasing the auctioned items and all other related processes.  
  3. Easily place and manage items, users, categories, and pages using highly secured admin area
  4. Email and SMS notification support
  5. responsive web design "Smartphone Compatible"
  6. Activity log for all auction users and bidders.
  7. Multi-language support.
  8. A particular auction can be set in different status - Open/Live, Closed, Future, Canceled, and Approved - according to its nature. In addition to a photo gallery for each newly inserted auction.
  9. User account activation automatically after the online payment process.
  10. Users can purchase and add balance in their account either via the payment gateway, bank, or direct deposit and place a bid.
  11. Place Bids - Users can choose a product and place a bid. The user can place as many products as they want until they win.
  12. Bidbutler - The Bidbutler, also called the auto bid or the master bid, is where the system places your saved bids automatically after each 10 sec or during the time you specify.
  13. Multiple types of auctions are supported like “Regular Auction, Penny Auction with Buy Now! auto-bidding and time extension and Reverse Auction: service oriented auction; the selectable winner”.
  14. Transaction History - User can view all their transaction activities from this section
  15. IP Block –The admin can block any IP for further website access.
  16. Live help and Ticketing Section to handle all messages that are either sent through the live help or the ticketing division. Reply all the user's queries through the ticketing section.
  17. Almost every payment gateways are supported by Software
  18. Easily integrate the auction site with Google Analytics and start to monitor your whole auction site – site’s traffic, page views, bounce rates, and conversions among others
  19. The Solution is search-engine (SEO) friendly.