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VIA UNiFi Information Technology has been offering solutions tailored to businesses in the Information, Networking, and Telecommunication sectors since 2003. Originating from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada, UNiFi has achieved significant progress across the Gulf region, Saudi Arabia, and Africa through its Dubai offices in the United Arab Emirates. The company continues to prioritize customer satisfaction and adds value through its services. It is driven by contemporary perspectives and innovative ideas, which are supported by our teams diverse expertise, advanced technology, and extensive delivery capabilities.


Regardless of the type or scale of your business, our services are designed to benefit you. If you find that your business is operating at a slower pace, spending excessive time on paperwork, or experiencing disruptions in workflow, our services can be highly valuable in accelerating your operations. We specialize in streamlining work processes, ensuring efficient organization, and assigning specific responsibilities to individuals within your organization. By leveraging our services, you can optimize productivity, enhance efficiency, and achieve a smoother flow of work.



Business Development & Consulting

At the core of our expertise is helping companies recognize and address their business weaknesses and challenges by creating targeted solutions. We accomplish this through close collaboration with assigned accounts to develop customized business plans. Our approach encompasses the design and formulation of strategic development strategies and plans that are precisely aligned with your unique objectives.


Restaurant Development & Consulting

Our focus lies in offering specialized support to restaurants, aiding them in recognizing and resolving their business weaknesses and challenges. With our expertise, we craft strategic development strategies and customized plans designed exclusively for the restaurant industry. Emphasizing a hands-on approach, we actively oversee and assess the implementation of these new strategies to ensure optimal progress and growth.


IT Services

Get all-inclusive IT solutions for your business with our expert team. We cover everything from planning to seamless implementation. From LAN, WAN, Wi-Fi, servers, surveillance equipment, computers to advanced POS systems, we handle it all. Count on our dedication to excellence to ensure a robust and secure IT infrastructure, allowing your business to thrive in the digital age. Focus on growth while we handle your IT needs.


Artificial Intelligence Services

Artificial Intelligence (AI) involves creating machines that can simulate human intelligence, thinking, and actions. These machines are programmed to learn and solve problems, exhibiting traits akin to human cognition. The term "AI" can encompass any system displaying human-like mental capabilities, paving the way for remarkable advancements in various fields.


viaERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Empowering Your Business with Intuitive Cloud Enterprise Resource Planning!

With viaERP, you gain a powerful tool to revolutionize your operations. Our specialized Cloud ERP system goes beyond basic data handling – it unleashes the full potential of your business. Seamlessly collect, store, manage, and interpret crucial data from various business activities like Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Procurement, and Inventory Management, among others.

Unlock deeper insights, optimize processes, and make data-driven decisions with confidence. Our intuitive viaERP solution is tailored precisely to suit your organization's unique needs, ensuring you stay ahead of the competition and achieve unrivaled success. Embrace the future of enterprise resource planning with viaERP!


ViaMenus E-Commerce Integrated with ViaMenus Retail POS and Back Office System!

With ViaMenus E-Commerce, we offer a seamless and efficient solution for your online business. We design and create your website, ensuring full integration with your point of sale system in real-time. Say goodbye to double or manual entry of orders - our system syncs effortlessly, allowing for hassle-free order management.

Inventory management becomes a breeze, with seamless sharing across your brick-and-mortar store locations. Retailers can easily post product descriptions and pictures on their respective webpages, thanks to automatic insertion features. Embrace a unified and streamlined experience with ViaMenus E-Commerce!


Experience the Revolution of Via-Auction: Empowering Your Online Auction Business!

Via-Auction represents the pinnacle of innovation, seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology, modern design, and unrivaled performance. As a trusted solution, it empowers our valued customers to thrive in the fiercely competitive world of online auctions.

Be at the forefront of search engine rankings with our search engine-friendly platform, handling massive traffic effortlessly. Unleash your potential with mobile-friendly Android and IOS applications, tapping into a vast audience on smartphones.

Effortlessly manage your online auction business with Via-Auction's user-friendly interface, making administration a breeze. Yet, behind the simplicity lies an array of powerful features and functionalities, setting you apart from competitors and industry leaders.

Join the league of exceptional auctioneers with Via-Auction's comprehensive capabilities, delivering success across all platforms. Step into the future of online auctions with Via-Auction - where innovation meets excellence!



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